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In my free time I like to do some Android development, it started of as a hobby but recently I have been spending some more time on this, so who knows where things may go from here! So far I’ve done the following projects:

  • AutoSqueeze – A plugin for the amazing automation app Tasker that let’s you control your Logitech Squeezebox devices.
  • AutoHue – Another Tasker plugin that let’s you control your Philips Hue lights bulbs!
  • Contraction Timer – A simple contraction timing application that I made over the weekend when my Sister was pregnant.
  • Kings for Android – A reincarnation of the drinking game Kings for your android device.
  • SmartTasker – Connect Tasker to your Sony SmartWatch 2 and run any task you want!
  • Pencil Dude – The new and challenging platform game for Android and iOS!
  • WearTasker – Launch any Tasker Task from you Android Wear SmartWatch!

More applications are on my to do list, but that’s a matter of (free) time!

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