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How do I edit a folder?

To edit a folder, for example to change the name, simply swipe the folder to the left.

How do I reorder my favorites?

To reorder your favorites, simply click and hold a task or folder. When you do it will slightly elevate after which you can drop it in the desired position.

I’m getting a “Please enable Tasker external access” message?

As WearTasker relies heavily on another great app called Tasker you are required to flip a switch (called enable external access) from within Tasker. Please check out this guide if your having problems.

My tasks are not firing when I click them?

First see this checklist:
– Is Tasker External access enabled from the Tasker settings?
– Is tasker enabled? (Press the 3-dot menu in the top right corner of Tasker, it should say “disable takser” if it is currently¬†enabled)
– Did you change any task names within Tasker after adding them to your favorites? If so re-add this task to your favorites so the name (exactly) matches the task (or reconfigure the invalid task by clicking it and selecting the correct Tasker task)

If you are still having problems after the above check the following:
Some users have reported a similar issue but the solution, while awkward, is rather simple! The problem is that WearTasker has been installed before Tasker and therefore somehow is not allowed to execute tasks. To fix this issue:

– Uninstall Tasker and WearTasker. (Be sure to create a backup of your tasks from within Tasker to not lose any setups!)

– Now be sure to install Tasker before you install WearTasker
– Enable Tasker External Access (guide)

And finally try to execute a task from your watch again, it should now work!

The notification created with Tasker does not show up?

Please check if WearTasker has not (accidentally) been muted. Open Android Wear on you Phone -> Settings -> Block app notifications. In this menu make sure WearTasker is not listed, and if it is, remove it from the list. That should solve the issue!

WearTasker is not showing up on my watch?

Some users have reported some issues while installing WearTasker. Namely that the app is not showing up on their watch. Most of the time the following steps fix the issue.

– Make sure both devices are connected.
– Uninstall WearTasker.
– Wait for a couple of mintues (while devices are connected).
– Reboot both devices.
– Make sure the devices are connected (by bluetooth).
– Install WearTasker again.
– Make sure both devices stay connected for the next couple of minutes.
WearTasker should now show up (as “WearTasker”) in your apps list.
If you are still having problems, sometimes selecting “resync watch app” from the official android wear app also helps but please try this as a last resort, and when you do (since it syncs every Android Wear app you have installed¬†(!) make sure the watch and phone stay connected for quite a while).
Have you been looking for more to things to do from your Android Wear Watch? Look no further!
With WearTasker it is now possible to run any task you created with Tasker on your phone straight from your wrist using an Android Wear Watch!

Use the WearTasker UI on your phone to built a list of the tasks that you want to have available on your wrist. Once that’s done continue on your wrist, simply click the clock, scroll down to start, and start WearTasker!
That’s it! Now simply click a task and it will execute on your phone, enjoy!

Note: The free version allows you to configure up to three tasks, if you want to launch more tasks from you wrist you will automatically be prompted to purchase the pro version. The same goes for adding folders, this also requires a pro license!

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