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As some of you may have noticed an update to the hue bridge broke the “relative” brightness command. But with the ability to retrieve a light bulbs state you can now implement your own relative brightness as follows!

Step one is to create a task which retrieves the lights state of the light you want to update:

Step 2

Next you create a “variable set” task in which you edit the contents of the %hue_bri variable to your liking (you can also save it to a completely different custom variable here so you can use it later!)

Step 3

Then you create a task where you actually set the light, here you set the brightness to your new variable!

Step 4



And that’s all! Your final setup should look something like this the following image, go ahead and test it with the play button!

Step 1

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and that it helps you to get the relative brightness setup again!

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  • Tormás

    Hi! I’ve updated my hue firmware and this is not working anymore :(

    • Rob

      Hi Tormás,
      I’ve updated the tutorial, this new method should also work with the latest hue bridge api!

  • Karl

    Hey Rob,
    Is there a way to address a different bulb using a variable?

    Now that I can read all the details from a bulb to variables (and arrays), it would simplify my tasks and profiles if I could have a command in the custom JSON, something like {“bulb”:%BulbOne1,”on”:true} where %BulbOne1=Bedroom as read from the bulb it’s self.
    It would also meen I can tinker on the train when I don’t have a connection for autohue to fetch bulbs to addess!

  • Xavi


    I cant get the state with “HueState” (Step one). It retrieve my 2 Hue lights (Find lights). But when I press search, Toast “bridge not found”. Therefore dosent save the configuration.

    Thanks 😉

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